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H-Control Hybrid insulation

Actis’s new H-Control Hybrid insulation product is a reflective vapour control layer with a built-in thermal performance for use on the warm side of any insulation material, behind the internal finish in roofs, walls and ceilings.
Actis H-Control Hybrid provides dual performance within a single product : a vapour control layer and insulation, allowing a reduction in the number of installation steps whilst reducing the thickness of the main insulation to achieve the same required U Value. It can be used in conjunction with any type of insulation
H’Control Hybrid is available in rolls of 10m2 (1600mm wide), 45mm thick
It is classified A+ for internal air quality according to ISO 16000
It is clean – does not generate dust or fibre
Does not require earthing
Installation is easy as H’Control Hybrid can be stapled or nailed
The flexible properties of H’Control Hybrid enable fitting to any uneven surface, allowing a continual insulation, thus offering a high quality installation without air leakages